Rose Remodeling in Elk Grove, CA has a team of painting pros ready to add some color to your house. Painting and coating projects can be as unique or generic as the project calls for. Generally, we keep it pretty simple. Whether you are aiming to give your home a completely new exterior, or just give your windows a new finish, we’ll take on a project of any size. We give professional-quality results on time, and within your budget.

We use the highest quality paints and practices to ensure that your paint job is built to last. 

Preparing for Exterior Painting Projects

Our preparation process is quick and efficient. We get a floor plan going quickly, taking the time to ensure all your surfaces and belongings are protected. This will just be preparing the furniture first, then washing the walls down and covering the windows. Following the cleaning process, we patch any open spots in the walls. After a quick sanding, your surface is primed for the perfect new paint job.We take this time for preparation to set you up for the long term. You don’t want your paint job to fade quickly, and we know the importance of getting a job right the first time.

Call us Today!

We know how busy you get, so let’s get this priority handled. Call us today to learn more about our roofer contract work and how we can best remodel your home. We’ll take a look at where your home is today and give you a roadmap on how it could become your dream home. We’re looking forward to speaking with you!